Tuesday, February 15, 2011

*this* time of year...ugh!

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poor little thing

So two weeks of the "double ender" stomach bug for me and now poor Josie is sick.
We got an email from her school yesterday that 8 of 20 kids were out Monday with various symptoms - including vomiting, fever & respiratory symptoms. Lou and I decided to keep her home from school today to try to prevent her bringing anything else home.
And then, about 11 last night she woke up vomiting with a fever. (And I let out a pretty long strand of four-letter words.) She was up until 2:30am, slept til 7, then woke up with the funky welts pictured above all over her face, arms, and chest. Luckily we were able to get her in to the pedi and found out that it is actually some strange strand of strep!
We were shocked to find out it was strep but doc said the hives, fever and vomiting were a dead giveaway. Who knew? Seriously, everyday there's another parenting lesson. I am glad we got her in and started her on antibiotics. And now if Lou & I get it we can attack it as well.
So...add all this winter illness business to the loooong list of reasons why being pregnant and due in the summer is infinitely better than the winter. There is just nothing fun about *this* time of year.
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