Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quick Xenia Visit

Gosh, I am so behind that I don't even remember exactly when this happened but at some point this month Lou had to go away for a business trip so we headed to Xenia. In typical fashion, we didn't do much of anything except for hanging out together - which couldn't have been more perfect actually.

Here are some highlights.

Bea spent the majority of her time having fun on the step that I actually let her play on since they are largely off-limits at home.

Josie spent a lot of time cuddling with Bella.

And she amazed us with her question regarding this apple, "Grandma, Did DD get that at a Beatles concert?"

Told you Bea liked that step.

Josie got a new friend and perfected her swaddle. Meet Wally.

And there was painting - and a special lollipop in a special bowl.

DD surprised Josie with special jump ropes and Grandma & DD gave her a great lesson.

(By now you know that tongue means business.)

Bea and Grandma did plenty of playing too.

Have you ever seen to sillier, sweeter little girls?
 (Yea, me either.)

Thanks for having us Grandma & DD!