Monday, June 10, 2013

A special kindergarten graduation

Our Josephine graduated from Kindergarten. We celebrated with her teachers, five classmates & their families at a simple and sweet ceremony at her school.  Montessori kindergarten graduation is a big deal. It's the transition from three years of pre-primary education to three years of lower-elementary education. She's been with the same teacher in her multi-age classroom for the past three years. In the fall, she'll join a new classroom where she'll start with the teacher she'll have for the next three years (what would in a traditional school be broken down into grades 1, 2 and 3.)   I've written before about how much we love the school community in which we are raising our daughters. Marking this special transition was confirmation that we have made the right choices for us and for our family.

Here is Josie's actual graduation, with blessings from her teachers for the past three years.

Before the ceremony, we had the first true glimpse at our quickly-maturing daughter.  I caught her checking out (and perfecting) her freshly-cut coif in the tail light of our car.

Then, it was time to celebrate!

After the graduation, the class put on their adaptation of "Caps for Sale."

After, we had treats on the playground as we all marveled at the big kids our little kids had become (thinking back on how we each so timidly stepped with nervous three year olds onto that same spot in what seemed like only a blink ago).

Josie & Kim

Josie & Donna

Here's the full length feature of the play:

Here are a few more photos of graduation from my phone - as well as a few pictures from the Kindergarten Graduation Sundae party that we hosted for the families here at our house (which was SOOO fun).

Won't be long, Beatrice.

Montessori Sand-paper Letter Cake!

Bonus Feature:

Here are some photos from a few weeks back at the school's end-of-the-year Art Show and Multicultural Feast.  (Did I mention how much we love Josie's school?)  Enjoy!

We (and by "We" I mean "Lou & the girls") made Lou's famous blackberry cobbler!

Josie (and all the K's) wowed us with their artwork!

After the potluck, the kids performed! Here are two of Josie's school mates dancing their little hearts out.

And her gorgeous henna tattoo that one of the girl's moms did.

Bea had the time of her life that afternoon - thanks largely in part to a sweet sister who never leaves her out and a best friend who loves her like a little sister.

Coming soon...the annual "first day/last day photo comparison."