Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Birthdays, Beatles & The Beast

This Labor Day weekend served several important purposes. First things first, it was the annual August birthday celebration, since we have FOUR family birthdays in August. That's right -  Josie, Jack, Tia & DD all turn another year at the end of the summer! And this year was extra special for DD who turned the big 6-5!   This weekend was also a great opportunity to re-do our super soggy 4th of July weekend that the rain tried to ruin.  We were REALLY happy that despite rain chances all weekend, not a single sunny plan was spoiled.

We spent Saturday at the pool! It was the PERFECT pool day!

Then, we celebrated the big birthdays - Beatles style!!!

On Sunday, we headed to Kings Island. It was our gift to my dad - a "you're only as old as you feel" day to celebrate his 65th birthday. A day to go back to the days when he was the daddy and not the grand-daddy. The days when Amanda & I were the daughters, and not the mamas. So, with the help of my sister's marketing crew, we gave dad personalized tickets to KI, coupons for funnel cakes and hotdogs, and tickets to ride his favorites with us. Daddy-o got a day to ride roller coasters with his be-bops.

It was AWESOME.  This proves it:

We had a blast remembering and recreating family memories (like the time we had to put napkins in Manda's shoes so she'd be tall enough to ride The Beast for the first time).

It was all just how we remembered it - the signs, the sounds, the smell of the wood....
We rode the front car, because why wouldn't we!!?!

Then, a new first - The Diamondback. That one is FUN!!!

We also rode "The Windseeker." They should rename it "The Panic Attack." As it turns out, 300 feet is about 275 feet too high to ride in a giant swing! Not. Fun. At. All. (All 3 of us hated it.)

Even though it was mostly DD's day, everyone had a great time! Grandma kept the kids happy in Snoopy Land while the rest of us rotated in and out. (Thanks Grandma!)  The Littles took turns conquering their own fears. We sure do have a brave bunch. Here are some more highlights.

Josie added "The Beastie" and "Backlot Stunt Coaster" to her list of roller coasters!

Sweet Lyla wasn't sure about a few things, but really conquered some fears. GO LYLA!

As the sunset and the day wound down, we played some games, fed the kids cotton candy & funnel cakes for dinner, then headed home and delivered three passed out kids to bed. (Little Jack, who snagged a KI stroller nap, still had some party left in him.)

All in all, it was the PERFECT weekend. Great family times. Kids growing up, others of us staying young. Good stuff. Just really really good stuff.