Sunday, October 5, 2014

Say Yes: Epic Like Sunday Morning Edition

On Saturday we spent the day doing "stuff" that "needed handled" around the house. So on Sunday, we decided to spend the day doing "stuff" together!  Chalk it up as another "Say Yes" moment. Josie asked on Saturday if we could get up and go on a big bike ride and although there were 100 other things we coulda-shoulda done, we definitely made the right choice to prioritize fun!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we all woke up bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready for a day of adventure on our bikes.  We packed a picnic, pumped the bike tires and hit the Lunken-Armleder Loop about 10am.  Bea was more than content to ride with the cooler while Josie took to the full ride on her bike. (A little crazy to look back there and see Bea looking big in the trailer when we used to look back there and just see little Josie - then the two of them and now just Bea.)

I really highly recommend the trail for a family ride. It's mostly flat, mostly shaded and mostly scenic. The kids love how the ride starts and ends at the playground - with another playground (and bathrooms) at the half-way point.  It's also cool how you are sandwiched between a golf course and a landing strip one minute and skipping rocks in the river 30 minutes later.

We chose this canoe input for the perfect picnic lunch.

The river was really low, so it wasn't long before we were hunting for skipping rocks and challenging each other to making it across the river.

And then Skipping Rocks 101 began. 

Just look at that form. :)

Check out that rock mid-air!

Then it was toad-chasing and toad-catching time!!! 

We had a great lunch and planned the rest of of our route. It was about noon and starting to heat up.

We headed on over to Armleder for a stop at the playground and potty. 

Then we turned around and headed back the way we came to close our loop. When we got back to Lunken, we had to of course indulge the girls in another playground pitstop. 

One of my favorite scenes of the day -

As if this weren't enough activity for a Sunday, we ran some errands and then later headed home to soak up what's looking like was probably one of the last hot days of 2014. Lou and the girls played "swords and shields" with pool noodles, the hose, and trash can lids.

Yep, it was a pretty epic Sunday indeed. It's only been a week and I'm already all...