Wednesday, February 16, 2011

38+ week update

I gotta say folks...I never thought I would see 38 weeks. We were so convinced she would be premature that getting this close to our actual due date never really occurred to us. So...there are some issues that come along with this but obviously we will take a healthy full-term baby without too much complaint over the money spent on the newborn-sized wardrobe that will likely get sold as "never worn" on craigslist, etc.
Since Josie has been crazy-sick, I had to reschedule my 38 week appt and see another obgyn than Scott. Truth is I really liked the guy, even though the first words out of his mouth included his pitch for an induction by the end of this week. (You can read about our thoughts on medical interventions in childbirth in the birth story & resources tabs above.) Anyhoo- he was more than respectful of our decision to let Roly Poly declare her own showtime and then issued a big "well...nevermind" as soon as he checked me. The stats: 2 cm, 70% effaced & +1 station. The prediction: "I give you about a 20% chance of making it through the weekend without a baby!"
Here's the deal - I was told for two weeks with Josie that labor imminent & that it was going to be a quick one. After over two weeks of off & on contractions and one false alarm that sent me & the whole family to the hospital, I finally let them strip my membranes on my due date and endured 18 hours of active labor at the hospital (sans epidural because that is really important to us). Suffice it to say, I have been chirping happily for 38 weeks and 3 days that Roly will come when she's ready and that I will sit back and patiently wait for her. Yea, not the case anymore. Hear this my friends: I am done. It has been a looooong tough road and I am ready to greet our light at the end of the tunnel.
That said, I am not ready to compromise our beliefs and beg for the pitocin but I certainly ain't sittin' with my legs crossed either! ;)
Those of you who've been around awhile know that I feel this baby belongs to all of us. She is here because so many of you didn't give up when we did. So - if I could have one more teeny tiny favor from all of you...let's put that collective will to work again and make some wishes come true.
Here's my "if things could be perfect wishlist": friday labor and delivery. (Bonus: full moon & she makes the aquarius cutoff. Just sayin...) Saturday would work too. My family all has Monday off of work so everyone wins. While you're all at it, I will take a smooth-sailing delivery without any of the complications that turned Miss Josie's birth into a marathon. And if you've got a little more time set aside for making wishes, it would be great if everyone who wants to be at the birth is miraculously able to pull that off. And one last thing - pray for my sanity. The curse of the "any day now" from the obgyn has a long history of making women crazy (just ask Tia).
Thanks to all of you for your continued well-wishes and support!
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68! what?

Great afternoon for a long trike ride and stroll up and down our street. (And so trying to get this labor going, but more on that later...)
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