Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Roly Poly Hamburger Helicopter Schneider

Josie dubbed the baby "Roly Poly" all the way back in the second trimester of the pregnancy when we told her we were having a girl.  (Here's the link to the video if you'd like to take a journey back to that moment.)  As the months passed, Roly Poly's name continued to grow until one day when I picked her up from school and her teachers informed me that Roly Poly now had a middle name - Hamburger Helicopter. I repeated the name "Roly Poly Hamburger Helicopter" back to Josie to make sure I had it right and she corrected me by adding our last name "Schneider" to the end.  So for months, that was the name for our little gal. And it definitely stuck. In fact, it stuck so much that I couldn't resist doing this: 

Baby Goo-Goo

As if Beatrice doesn't have enough nicknames already, we can now add "Baby Goo-Goo" to the list.  It just kind of happened as a result of a book Josie has with a character named Baby Goo-Goo and all of the sweet little faces Bea makes as the three of us sit and stare at her.  Here are some Baby Goo-Goo faces for you all to enjoy!

The nickname list to date:
* Roly, Roly Poly, Rolls & the latest derivation of this from Josie: "The Rollster"
* Bea (like "bee")
* Bea (like "bee-uh")
* And now...Baby Goo-Goo
* And how could I forget - Bunny! (Which I did originally forget but remember as soon as I hit "post." Both Bunny & Bun were nicknames all along - since the very beginning - when Josie told us she'd rather have a bunny than a brother or sister.)