Thursday, May 30, 2013

A tale of two haircuts

This week the girls both got their summer chops! One day at the pool was enough to convince me that this was necessary.  I'm hoping to prevent the crispy, chlorine-induced split ends I used to rock as a kid.  (Ahh, Pinecrest memories.)

If you know much about Josie, you know she has been literally *begging* me for bangs for at least 2 years.  This was in large part due to the fact that her best friend and teacher both have bangs. (Chalk this up as dipping her toe into the perils of girlhood.)  I finally caved, because, well, if the girls wants bangs and is willing to sit still through the inevitable weekly trims, then who am I to stop her?  (Did I not promise myself I'd let my daughters express their little selves however they saw fit?)

So, Josie finally got her bangs...and couldn't be happier!

Bea, who had bangs courtesy of Josie, has finally grown hers out long enough that we can pull them out of her face again. A 2 year old with bangs is a disaster.  Bea really enjoys a good hair wash and blow dry. She's hilarious.

{Special shout-out to "Haircutting Lauren" who has been cutting Schneider hair since long before we had little girls that wanted bangs. We had her last two appointments before she left for maternity leave & we are so excited that she'll be welcoming her sweet boy to the world tomorrow!}

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend in Moments

Yeah, yeah, yeah I haven't posted much of May yet (including our wonderful, magical Mother's Day weekend or Derby weekend) but I thought I'd drop in a little overview of the super duper holiday weekend we just wrapped up.  It was practically perfect from beginning to end and included a ballet recital, a surprise visit from "Sisis" & AJ, the season's first backyard bonfire, our first day at the neighborhood pool we joined, a trip to Lunken playground, a front yard art project and lots of QT with Grandma & DD.

Sneak peek! Separate ballet post coming soon...

Josie put herself down for a nap! HUH?!

Front yard friends

"All by myself, mama, big girl like JoJo big."

 May the rest of the summer feel just like this:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nature & Perspective

There are little things that make me feel so unbelievably blessed - like having a job that allows me to  spend on a field trip with Josie and having a school that creates amazing opportunities for children to thrive in a peaceful community that supports curiosity and encourages purposeful appreciation of the natural world.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to accompany the K-3 montessori students at Josie's school on a field trip to the Ferbach-Werner Nature Preserve. Admittedly, we frequent several of the Hamilton County parks but didn't know this gem existed! We'll definitely be back.

It was a great morning of petting snakes and toads, learning to listen and to observe, skipping down forest paths holding hands with friends, bouncing up and down on a first school bus ride, sharing a picnic lunch with a carrot "cheers," and being happy to be together. We also learned a thing or two that will prove useful in this wild yard of ours - like how to identify non-stinging carpenter bees and poison ivy.  (I also had a big moment of realization on this special morning that Josie is definitely more grades 1-3 than she is pre-K. This was a bittersweet epiphany that she's really growing up.)

Together, these six smiling faces make up Josie's kindergarten class.

What a beautiful day! (This tree reminds me of a certain tattoo.)

Did you know male carpenter bees can't sting or bite? You can identify them by the yellow head - but boy do they buzz like crazy!

On my walk home I came across this long path of fluffy stuff from the trees that hang over our street. It looked like little snowflakes blowing all around. Isn't nature amazing?

The fact that I spent this day with Josie yesterday appreciating the wonder and beauty of nature while Oklahoma was being devastated by her brute force is an interesting contradiction.  It also made for a powerful perspective. I know I'm not the only one hugging my kids a little tighter today and appreciating the little things a whole lot more.