Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Day of School, 2011

School is in full swing - complete with all of the massive transitions that have come with it. More on that later, but for now let's head back to that first day of school. It was so unbelievably easy compared to that first day last year when we were all three filled with such a flood of emotions. There were definitely some big emotions this year, most they were way more excitement than anxiety this time around. Here a couple of photos from that first morning.

The outfit she picked out - down to one blue scrunchy & one green scrunchy "because I need one for each flower on my skirt" -

Very excited about her two nursing necklaces that I let her wear -

The annual "peace tree" photo -

Daddy (after making her breakfast and packing her lunch) drives her to school every morning. That fifteen minutes each morning has come to be such a sweet and special time for the two of them - which apparently involves singing lots and lots of reggae!

And check out her "montessori movers" - these adorable little school slippers are just the sweetest thing!

Last day of summer break

On the last day before Josie was slated to start back to school, Lou and I both took an extra long lunch break so we could squeeze in one last field trip of summer break. Josie chose the Children's Museum and off we went. Here are a few photos from our fun afternoon together. (We spent SO much time there in her first two years that it is always really emotional for me to hang out there. It makes me miss the early days and miss the friends I used to hang out there with every week when we had the luxury of doing so! And now it makes me so excited for the day that Bea will be big enough to enjoy it too.)

Josie seriously called these "doing spiderman action shots" (yea, she plays with a lot of boys if you can't tell)...

Lou & Josie spent quite some time playing veterinarian while I spent quite some time cracking up! Lou would send Josie over to check the xray and then hide something "inside" the animal that required Dr. Josie to perform surgery.  First she found a whole muffin inside a guinea pig...

And later removed some asparagus from a kitten -

I was pretty happy she wanted to still hang out in the toddler farm, at least for a little while. (The first slide she ever went down about three years ago btw...)
All in all, another great day at the Cincy Children's Museum.  (We really want to make a date to go to the Children's Museum in Indy sometime soon. Anyone up for a group pilgrimage?!)

Grandma & DD Sleepover

See...I told you I was still stuck in summer. Just had to share these pics that Grandma sent from one of the sleepovers Josie had with Grandma & DD - who took her to a "concert" where the little family band covered "Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show, which is Josie's favorite song - ever! (On that random note, we are going to "Bluegrass for Babies" on Saturday at Eden Park if anyone wants to join us!)

Thank you Stacey!

Now that we are double-digits into September, I suppose it is time for me to realize summer is actually over.
The girls had a fantastic summer and Stacey was a big part of that. Thanks for spending your summer with us Stacey. We hated to lose you but we know how lucky those middle schoolers in Oak Hills are to have you!
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