Friday, January 31, 2014

Yin & Yang

This week has been one of extremes. A string of really low temperatures that (sort of illogically) left the city totally paralyzed. A string of winter sunrises that created a lovely diversion from the paralysis. Necessary but nonetheless routine-busting school delays that created chaos but yielded fun extra sister time in the mornings. Two little girls that have decided that a king-sized bed is an all-hours open invitation to slip in unnoticed between two snoozing parents. A very tired mama (driven likely by the previous statement.) Little moments captured of the kids being their (mostly) wonderful little selves alongside a public admission that things have been a little rocky in the parenting department here lately, with all four of us contributing in some way to the chaos. A wee bit of cabin fever that led to a fun Shining-esque image. A wee bit of letting the kids play photographer and capture things they want to capture. An homage back to the joys of Christmas by a 'tap-dancing' Josie. A snow-covered fairy garden. And snow-covered screened porch (OOOPS)! Frosty windows and frosty car rides to school. An early (EARLY!) rising mama who is now trying to squeeze in workouts before 7am & itty bitty yoginis who squeeze in their own mat time any chance they get.

It's true that we need the yin & the yang, the up & the down, the highs & the lows.  Funny how sometimes the pendulum swings from one to the other so quickly...
...And we're all really just making it up as we go along anyway, aren't we? ;)