Friday, May 10, 2013

Quick Quote & Quick Pics

Bea mimics Josie
this morning after breakfast

The other night Josie was having trouble sleeping so she hopped up on top of me and laid tummy-to-tummy like she's been doing since her earliest days.  Assuming this position is of course getting less and less frequent now that her toes hit my shins instead of my waist as she lies there.  I had this flash of baby Josie and me together like that and pointed out to her the space that her little infant body used to occupy compared to her big girl body now (which totally fascinated her). As she's always done when she sprawls out that way with her ear to my chest, she instantly relaxed.  Then, she let out this sweet sigh and whispered "Ahhh, I could lay like this forever."  Without realizing it, I said out loud, "I hope you do."  She answered back, maybe not realizing it either, "I know what you mean."

Oh our sweet, sweet girls...