Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week with Grandma

With the exception of Bea's full birth story, I think this post will officially have me all caught up on the blog. (Well, almost...I just thought of something else I forgot. Stay tuned for that.) 

Grandma swooped in to save the day for my first week alone with Beatrice once Lou returned to work. He had a full week at home with Josie and I when she was first born, but the cards didn't fall that way this time. Most of Lou's week off was spent in the hospital since I was induced at the beginning of the week and that really only left us with two full days at home just the three of us. My mom came the next week - week two - and we impressed ourselves! There was a trip to the hair salon, to the mall, to lunch, out to get coffee and to the park with both girls.  (My oh my how much easier the second one is than the first! I barely left my bedroom during Josie's second week - let alone venturing out all over town.) 
Grandma definitely spent plenty of time helping out around the house and with Beatrice during the day, but her biggest job was keeping Josie entertained and amused and she did that with FLYING COLORS! Once Josie realized Grandma was there this time just to play and not to babysit while we were away at the hospital, she was all over Grandma.  And they spent LOADS of time together - having a blast! Here are some of my favorite photos from that week.

Grandma taught Josie how to play baseball in the backyard.  They spent about an hour playing catch and learning proper pitching. Girl Power!

They also played "Bengal Tiger."  Grandma has spent a lot of time practicing her Cincinnati "Who Dey" Bengal growl - doesn't she look fierce? And doesn't Josie look impressed and amused? And aren't Grandmas the best?!

Grandma also taught Josie how to work the computer by herself so she could play the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stories:
And we made fruit kabobs:
This one cracked us up! Josie took Grandma's camera and we later found a bunch of photos of DR. OZ that Josie had photographed from the cover of a magazine. Who doesn't love Dr. Oz?
Here is Josie modeling her pajamas for us one night before bed - look closely - nothing matches - everything is mismatched down to the socks and slippers. Silly little goose!
And of course there was lots of time with Sweet Sweet Bea!
Grandma even captured Bea giving her first kiss to Josie!
And cuddling with DD:
Yay for Grandparents!

Thanks for all of your help Grandma! You have two very lucky little Grand-daughters! xo


Here we have Josephine modeling the outfit she dressed herself in for school this morning.
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