Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We're jammin'

Did you see that? Yea, that picture up there. That's our Josie looking her happiest, proudest and blissed-out joyful!  Of course Josie is happy very often. People often remark about her "sunny" personality and she is just a radiant, glowing little soul. But, the Easter jam session in DD's basement, and the real drumsticks, and real drumkit and leading her own band - well that was glowing like I've never seen before.  

Here she is rocking out!  (She loves her some Fresh Beat Band - Drummer Marina is her favorite - and oh heck, I never did post the pictures and videos from their concert last month, did I?!)  Anyway, she amazed us with the way she took to the kit - even counting off the beginning of each song and ending each solo with a cymbal crash. Hysterical. 

DD - you may need to change that "Danger MEN Playing" sign to accommodate the new rockstar in town. 

 Bea was also very impressed! 

Here are a couple of videos from the big jam session.  She dubbed her band "Josie and the LaLaLows" and everyone (except me who was manning the ipad) joined in on the signing, dancing and playing of dozens of instruments that DD has lying around.