Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day Fun

Lou rocks. There are no two ways about it. He's the dad that views every waking second that he's not at work as an opportunity to spend time with his family. He's the dad that organizes the school's community yard sale and spends weeks planning and executing it. He's the dad that gives full attention, listens empathetically, plays enthusiastically, and exudes love. And, he's the dad that wants to spend father's day just soaking up slow time with his daughters.  I could just about burst with joy & gratitude every time I stop to think about how fortunate my girls are to have this man as a father. I just love watching him be their papa.

Here are some pictures from our celebration of Father's Day - that started a couple weeks ago when Josie surprised Lou with a special gift from school and that ended with a trip to Deweys for Pizza & Graeters for Ice Cream and was filled in between with a full day of just hanging out together in our pajamas until 4pm painting, playing and being a family.

Making fruit filled french crepes like a boss:

Painting in pajamas on the porch:

Making a volcano with a yard sale score:

Guarding a trip through the washing machine for a whole bunch of very dirty bedtime cuddly-friends:

Enjoying the art of pizza at Dewey's:

Embracing our inner goddess after big bowls of ice cream:

 Here's Lou receiving his special portrait and "my dad" paper from school. It's adorable!

And, last but not least, I had to share Josie's edit on the father's day picture. How funny is this - "Queen Josie" - ah, the mind of the 5.75 year old.

Thanks to Sweet Lou for being the a super duper dad!