Monday, September 16, 2013

Washington (7): Yay! Fog & Rain!!

Our first full day in the Deception Pass area of the Pacific Northwest was foggy and rainy - and we were THRILLED about that. Who knew fog could be so beautiful? Plus, we needed at least one rainy day in Washington.

We spent the day alternating between indoor & outdoor activities like hitting a few thrift stores in Anacortes to stock up on supplies (like coats & umbrellas & a couple of pots for the cabin kitchen), wandering through the Fidalgo Island art festival, and eating at an AMAZING lunch at a spot with loads of delicious vegetarian fare.

There were so many highlights of this day & there's nothing I can say that would sum it all up better than these photos. So, here we go!

We started the day with biscuits in a cast iron skillet.

 Then we decided to use the slow, drizzly morning to decorate with a paper chain and crepe paper flowers - courtesy of the generous gifts from the first leg of our trip. (Thanks Andersons!)

We came, we saw, we percolated.

We let it all hang out.

And enjoyed some outdoor beauty brought indoors.

Watched little hands explore big discoveries.

Then sampled some freshly-picked local fare.

Caught little girls acting big.

And noticed little details that reminded me of special baths in a favorite home of my youth.

Another for the book called "Josie Doing Ballet Poses In Random Locations." 

 And then there was puddle-jumping!!

And more berries!

In case you're wasn't sunny.

We danced in the rain!

Then set off to explore the islands. (Bea noting, what is that smell? It was just the ocean btw.)

We arrived at the beach, ready to hunt for treasures - with the cute baskets we picked up for a dollar each at the thrift stores in Anacortes.

It was high tide and foggy. And, in typical fashion, Josie was in the mood to explore. They ventured out to the large rock, surrounded by water & generated some of my favorite photos of the day. Bea got a little nervous because they had to walk back in knee-deep water, with Lou carrying Josie.  Bea wanted them back on dry land. When that happened, Lou turned Bea's tears into smiles in seconds.

So much beautiful driftwood.

And beautiful girls.

 After some epic silliness (and feats of strength), we headed back to our "home beach" to hunt for crabs. And we found dozens of them!!

It was high tide on our home beach.  Here's the little boat that our wonderful hosts used to catch the crabs they fed us the next night. 

The tides really are a miracle. What a lovely rhythm to pace each day.  I'll post this exact same pic during low tide soon. Really, truly, amazingly amazing. What a day.