Thursday, May 30, 2013

A tale of two haircuts

This week the girls both got their summer chops! One day at the pool was enough to convince me that this was necessary.  I'm hoping to prevent the crispy, chlorine-induced split ends I used to rock as a kid.  (Ahh, Pinecrest memories.)

If you know much about Josie, you know she has been literally *begging* me for bangs for at least 2 years.  This was in large part due to the fact that her best friend and teacher both have bangs. (Chalk this up as dipping her toe into the perils of girlhood.)  I finally caved, because, well, if the girls wants bangs and is willing to sit still through the inevitable weekly trims, then who am I to stop her?  (Did I not promise myself I'd let my daughters express their little selves however they saw fit?)

So, Josie finally got her bangs...and couldn't be happier!

Bea, who had bangs courtesy of Josie, has finally grown hers out long enough that we can pull them out of her face again. A 2 year old with bangs is a disaster.  Bea really enjoys a good hair wash and blow dry. She's hilarious.

{Special shout-out to "Haircutting Lauren" who has been cutting Schneider hair since long before we had little girls that wanted bangs. We had her last two appointments before she left for maternity leave & we are so excited that she'll be welcoming her sweet boy to the world tomorrow!}