Saturday, April 20, 2013

Two visits from the tooth fairy!

It happened. Josephine crossed one of the most significant milestones of childhood -- checking off another box on the log that records the journey from babyhood to adulthood.  Louie and I, sentimental folks that we are, tried hard to celebrate the occasion with a beaming Josie and fascinated Bea when both of us just wanted to hug and cry and lament the passage of time. But, alas, there were teeth to be tucked away, tooth fairies to visit and blogs to be posted.

Josie lost her first baby tooth on March 26th and lost the second one yesterday - just shy of a month later. 

The first little guy was dangling like crazy for days! Neither adult Schneider is a huge fan of wiggly teeth, so (after an informal Facebook poll) we decided just to let it wiggle and to encourage her to pull it herself when it was totally ready. Finally, at piano lessons one night, Josie was doing the good old tongue wiggle and her teacher had to convince her to stop for fear that it would fly out and hit the piano!  We weren't home for 5 minutes when Josie came out of the bathroom wiggling her tooth with her fingers when she gasped "AHHH, It's in my HAND now!"  Out it popped, just like that.  It was a big 'ole deal, complete with a call from grandparents to mark the milestone.

She couldn't take her eyes off of it!

And she felt so proud:

We found a special envelope (that held the jewelry from the wedding of a childhood friend) and tucked away the tooth. Poor Josie was devastated at the thought of the tooth fairy actually keeping her tooth and even asserted that she'd rather "keep the tooth and forget about the money" pleading that she wanted "to be able to hold it and touch it" whenever she wanted.  We worked out a special deal with the tooth fairy to keep the tooth and get the cash. Lucky girl.

The second tooth (or "the neighbor" as we've been calling it) fell out yesterday when Josie bit into a plum at school.  I was SO surprised to come home to another lost tooth, after being in Arizona all week for a work trip. I was also really happy to learn it happened at school and not at home, because then I technically didn't miss it.  Josie was pretty darn excited about this one, too!

Josie is really excited about losing teeth.  She's most excited about biting into apples again. She was missing that like crazy. And so she grows...