Friday, December 27, 2013

The Nutcracker, 2013

"Pose Like A Nutcracker"

So yeah, technically going to see The Nutcracker is a December tradition, but the trip was so great this year that it deserved a post all its own - as if the picture above isn't justification enough for that. Last year we started the tradition of going to see the Cincinnati Ballet Production of The Nutcracker with Josie and this year we determined that, since Bea was old enough to start ballet classes, she was old enough to see the production. She was VERY excited to get dressed up and head downtown with us for the big show this year - so excited that she wouldn't even stand still for a photo. (Gotta love kid-blur.)

It was an unseasonably warm day and anticipation was running high. Nothing kicks Holiday Cheer into high gear more than The Nutcracker. Josie wore a special dress for the occasion - a classic from my sister's wee days that my mom saved and recently passed on for Josie to wear on a special day. This couldn't have been the better time to do that. She said, looking into the mirror, "Awww, I look like a real doll" and later remarked that she was straight out of The Sound of Music.

The show never disappoints, so I highly recommend checking it out if you're local. (Purchase early to get the most affordable tickets.) A good part of the fun is hanging out in the lobbies - playing in the scenery, posing with the "real ballerinas."

This is what happens when I pull pics straight from my phone versus editing them before including on the blog. Sorry folks.

Bea was actually more interested in posing with the girls than the actual show, repeating "Please we meet more of da ballewinas."

After the show we headed over to our old stomping grounds at Fountain Square. A trip to Graeters was definitely in order. Bea invented a new way to enjoy Cincinnati's finest.

We ran around and around the Fountain, as tradition necessitates, and Josie ended the trip downtown with belting out Sound of Music tunes in her fancy dress.  Pretty perfect day my friends.
"Raindrops on Roses..."