Friday, June 8, 2012

Morning with Mama: Aquarium

This summer I have a total win-win situation. Since the group I am working with is based in Seattle and I have a flexible schedule, I am going to work on Pacific Time on Wednesdays. We're calling it "West Coast Wednesday" around here. What that amounts to is that instead of working 9-4:30 on Wednesdays, I'm working 12-7. SO, I have every Wednesday morning this summer with my girls and I'm available later into my West Coast compadres' working days. How cool is that?

This week we headed together to the Newport Aquarium. Josie was beyond-sweet walking Bea around and pointing out things. Bea was just as inquisitive and independent as ever. The photos above are some snaps from my phone.

Here's the photo from the door that we couldn't help to purchase to add to to our Aquarium photo collection. (Note: the Aqu pass is totally worth the money and the top secret tip is to go first thing at 10am, run past the first couple exhibits to get past the crowd and then have the place to yourself. Mid-day gets packed with fieldtrips! The hour before it closes is also lovely. Enjoy!)

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