Monday, June 3, 2013

It started off as a horse race

In their own words, the Schneiders are "horsey people." They were born with, and cultivated, the equestrian gene. Add that to our proximity to Kentucky, and the Derby is a pretty big deal in these parts. The Schneider Family Derby Party never disappoints. This year we ventured out to Aunt Paula & Uncle Mark's gorgeous (bucolic-defined) home to drink mint julips, wear fancy hats, place our bets, scream "go! go! gooooo!" at the TV, and eat giant derby cookies. There were two added bonuses this year - the positively perfect backyard to run around, chase butterflies, swing on a tire swing and launch rockets plus a trip to visit the girls' horse "cousins" at the barn just down the way. (They'll be taking up residency soon in the backyard barn you'll see pictured below.) I told Paula & Mark that they could sell the use of their property for an hourly rate for photo sessions. You'll see why in a second...

Bea thought this little guy was a lamb, yelling & pointing "TINY SHEEPY" when she saw him.

Here are a few more from my phone -

Double-Poo Jump means two wishes ;)

We won $10!

Sweet older cousin Morgan doesn't mind that the little ones copy her every move

The girls are already talking about next year....but we can guarantee it won't take another horse race to get us out to Aunt Paula's house.