Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nature in our Neighborhood

Finding letters on our walk - a "Four Schneiders" tradition

When we moved last summer from our condo to in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, we wanted desperately to find a neighborhood that was "the best of both worlds."  That is, if such a place existed, we hoped for green space, parks, our own yard, families in the neighborhood, and diversity - still within the city limits and close to downtown.  Mark my words - East Walnut Hills is that place.  We really do love it here, and this is just some of the evidence as to why.

We've been taking regular walks after dinner. Usually Josie rides her bike or scooter, but last night we decided to just walk.  Bea hit the Moby wrap and we were on our way!  There's actually quite a large patch of woods just one block over (and we hear bird sanctuary) so it is incredible what you can find right here in the city!

We decided to play "count the squirrels" and saw 13, plus two "bonuses" as Josie called them - a bunny munching grass and a deer munching leaves! Oh and "at least about 100 birds probably."

See the deer right there in the center? We didn't want to scare it by getting any closer.
Josie was insistent that we put the letters all in one place -
thanks to a mushroom and gingko tree in our yard ,
we had everything we needed.