Tuesday, November 8, 2011

8 months

Sweet sweet Baby Beatrice is 8 months old today. 
(Yup, you heard me right - 8 whole months.)  

On top of her infinite cuteness, she has also recently accomplished: the move to Stage 3 foods, a constant da-da-da-da babble and picking up food like steamed veg and feeding it to herself. She still enjoys being outside more than just about anything else, wants to stand up unsupported more than life itself, loves long walks in the stroller and long hikes in the backpack and sleeps like a dream.  Oh Baby Bea, we love you so!

Quick Quote, Election Day

Josie was really, really excited to go voting with us this evening (due to a spirited conversation about democracy sparked by her interest in a house with a bunch of No and Yes signs in the yard on the way home from school last week). So, away the Four Schneiders went to the polls. Josie filled in some bubbles with me, helped me scan my ballot, got her sticker and we started walking home.

And on our return walk home, Josie shared some four-year old wisdom: "They should have an Issue that says you can't step on birds...everyone would vote yes on that...And they should have an Issue that says Treat Others Like You Want To Be Treated...that one would get all the Yes votes too, right Mommy?" (Now that's a constitutional amendment I could get behind!)