Friday, July 4, 2014

Stumbling Upon Alumni Weekend

When we were in Oxford for the camping trip, we stumbled upon Alumni Weekend at Miami and got a wee bit nostalgic. A quick tour for the kids was in order.

The first apartment (above the bagel shop) where we started off as friends and ended up as "Let's get married one day."

Kinda surreal sitting with our daughters on these steps!

And....TA-DA! The first house we lived in just the two of us! Except, technically it was a garage. And we lived above it. The bottom was filled with spiders and an appliance graveyard. But it was ours. And we had to sit down in the shower to wash our hair because the walls were so slanted. And the entire inside was wood paneling. And it didn't have closets. But it did have mice! But, like I said, it was ours.

One of these days the girls will get a few more details, but this was about all they could wrap their heads around. They found it particularly confusing that a bunch of our current friends were involved in this strange town - like it was just all one big coincidence that I worked with Kelly at the book store, or used to have slumber parties with Carrie in the apartment above the red steps, or used to have late night dance parties with Dave on the balcony, or used to hang out with Daddy and all "the guys" at the house where Bill fatefully invited me to visit as a college freshman. Life is funny and amazing.