Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bea's Little Birthday Celebration

As I mentioned in the video post, we celebrated Beatrice's first circle around the sun with a little celebration for just the four of us on the evening of her actual birthday.  In keeping with tradition, this includes cake, a present, singing and a birthday crown.  (It was fun to pick out Bea's birthday crown with the perspective of having seen Josie in hers for four birthdays now.)

Here are some of my favorite photos from our little family birthday celebration.  Enjoy!

She was captivated by the candle and the singing, but not so much into the cupcake. She had a taste.
But then she was over it. Not a huge fan of the gooey hands.
Then she stuck her finger in her eye and it was game over. So we moved onto her birthday present. We'd have a couple of others for her at the party, but wanted her to have something on her actual birthday. Oddly, she knew just what to do.

This photo I love because it's a scene I see quite a bit. There's Bea looking up to her big sister. In this case, Josie was showing Bea how her little bee squeaker worked.  She really does look to Josie to solve life's mysteries like these.

Oh sweet Bea, in all your one year old awesomeness. My how we love you so!

Josie also enjoyed Bea's celebration. We had worried she would have trouble with it, but couldn't be more wrong.  She did want to blow out a candle, and we obliged. Even more sweet though was when she told us she wanted to blow out the candle to make a birthday wish FOR Baby Bea and not a birthday wish for herself. Oh sweet Josie.
Here she is making that special wish, that she asked to keep secret.
In other exciting news, Josie also got a special dress to wear at Bea's birthday party.  Clearly, she was very excited by this, as evidenced by the fact that she literally twirled around & around screaming "I love it! I love it! I love it!"

More photos of Bea's first birthday extravaganza coming soon.  Xo!