Friday, July 1, 2016

A Big, Scary Injury for Little, Brave Beatrice

Poor little Beatrice took a nasty fall into the pool and, without going into much detail, ended up with an injury that required a trip the ER and surgery under anesthesia from a Pediatric Gynecologist at Children's Hospital.  It was a pretty traumatic experience for everyone, but Beatrice was so brave. I mean, SO BRAVE.  Here are some photos from the weeks this summer when she was out of commission. It was really hard to be on an activity ban in the middle of the summer. But she has such amazing friends who brought her flowers, sent her little gifts in the mail, sacrificed their days in the sunshine to spend time with her on the couch and to take her out for little calm adventures. After about three weeks she got cleared to return to activity - just in time for the fourth of July. Needless to say, we were ALL excited about that!

Bea lost her first tooth during surgery!! The doctors were kind enough to save it for her so the Tooth Fairy could still make a visit. :)