Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Creative Pursuits

Over the weekend, we got our CREATIVE on.  I'm finding this just sort of happens in waves. And I'm also finding that Josie thrives in these environments.

Here are a few shots from our Creative Weekend Sampler.

First, the Brazee School of Glass. This place is sweet and we've been there a few times now.  Check it out folks. Open Houses every Saturday. This month is pumpkins!

Time to play with glass!

Cool, old stuff abounds in there since it's an old industrial space.

Next, Mr. Joey's party at Happen, Inc's Toy Lab.  Seriously, there should be a Toy Lab in every city.  (And I talked to them; and there's not, but there should be!!)

Step One: Pick parts of old broken toys.

Step Two: Work with the Toy Scientists to put our toy back together into something amazing!

Give your toy a super power & a name!

Call yourself a toy designer. Three cheers for upcycling!  (In case you can't quite make this out, this is a Josie-designed motorcycle that is squirrel-powered. It has a caterpillar for a seat. The Chipmunk is going for a ride (with a Barbie leg "sail" stuck in his head).  That's a crocodile sidecar with Yo Gabba Gabba's TooDee going for a ride).  Yea. And it's super power is that it can bounce, do somersaults and eat mean people. Wow I love kids!

In other creative news, we moved into Halloween Decor Mode.

And it's getting Spooooky in these parts!

Poor Beba spent most of the weekend down and out with a nasty ear infection and such a high fever that she went totally lifeless and unresponsive on us (now that was spooky!!!).

Luckily by Sunday she was back to her chipper, smiling little self!

We had a visit from Grandma & DD who brought Josie a jersey she could wear while watching the Bengals game they were attending.

Oh and somewhere in there, Lou took the girls on a walk through the neighborhood.

And Josie gave Patrick Swayze a carrot and a pat on the head.

All in all, this is the stuff weekends are made of.  Truth told, there was the specter of my trip to DC was kinda on everyone's mind over the weekend. Josie was really, really upset about it. But here we are nearing the end of the trip and everything worked out just fine. A flight delay even bumped me to a non-stop in place of the Detroit connection I was going to have to make. So, now I get home earlier and on a direct flight. So YAY.  (And I'm finding National Airport to be a lovely place to finish a blog I started a couple of days ago.)

Blueberry Girls

Josie and I are now involved in something really special that we want to tell you about.  It's a special bookclub for Mothers and Daughters put together by some people we think are pretty amazing.  So, once a month Josie & I will gather with this group of amazing women and their amazing daughters to celebrate our sisterhood through stories with strong female characters and empowering themese. Our first meeting was last month. We named the club after the first book we all read in our first singing circle together: Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman. Our first book club book was The Night Fairy by Laura Amy Schlitz.

Here are some photos from our first meeting in September. This month we are reading Alice in Wonderland and going on our group field trip to see the Cincinnati Ballet Production.  

Making our "character" collages:

"Momy Dodr" = "Mommy Daughter"