Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lego Explanation

Oddly enough, playing with Legos just "clicked" with Josie and holds her attention now. Here's the 'lego creation' (as she called it) that she asked me to videotape on Easter morning.

(Sweet moment too in the final seconds. Love this girl.)

A spring poem by Josie

Josie was trying to write a poem on my cell phone, but after getting frustrated asked me if I would write while she said her poem. This is what rolled off her sweet little tongue. Enjoy.

Spring. By Josie

Flowers are blooming,
Trees are sprouting,
And all the people are coming out.

Everybody is going outside.
It is time for spring.

The trees and flowers are going to the mountain blue.
And all the people are coming out.
It’s time for spring.
With you.

Classically, after she finished the poem and I printed it out for her to illustrate, she looks at us and says, "What is a mountain blue anyway?"  We told her that having a mysterious part of her poem made it even more special.