Friday, September 5, 2014

Someone is SEVEN!

Sweet Josephine turned SEVEN!  (A fact that is almost as hard to believe as the days she turned 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.)  Birthdays are big fun around here and this year was no different. In keeping with her new found since of adventure, Josie wanted a rock climbing birthday party at RockQuest.  It was SO much fun! We all had a great time watching our strong girls push themselves to new heights - literally. As hard as it is to watch your kids grow up so fast, it's pretty amazing to watch them gain the confidence and maturity that comes with each new year.

Here are the highlights from our afternoon climbing with family & friends!
Our friend Tess did it again - with another AWESOME cake!

In other special birthday news, Miss Josephine was granted the royal treatment from Grandma & DD who took her out for a special solo birthday dinner and shopping trip. I gotta say, I thought it would be a little older than seven that Josie's idea of a good time would be a trip to the mall, but clearly I was wrong. She had a blast and came away with a great set of back to school goodies!

About the glasses - they aren't prescription, but they are "real" (if anyone asks, ha).

Thank goodness she isn't all-clothes & no-toys yet!

She even brought home her sister a special surprise!
On Josephine's actual birthday, we celebrate at home with some special surprises - including the next size up scooter to better accommodate those long seven year old legs!

That evening, we headed out for the big moment. Josephine got her ears pierced!

Later that night, we celebrated with another birthday candle, because you have to make a wish on your actual birthday. Because the cake was long gone, we improvised. This "kefir popsicle" was perfect!

And there were new presents to play with - including her own sewing machine that she's wanted for two years now!

We may have stayed up pretty late riding the scooter around the house...

And, using her new Sewing School book and her very own sewing machine, she made this 95% on her own!  

Happy birthday Sweet Josephine!! Here's to the best year yet!