Thursday, September 12, 2013

Washington (5): Half-time

(And now back to your regularly scheduled blog programming....Washington.)

The half-way point through our trip to Washington was the end of our time with my co-workers that made the whole trip possible.  The last night of our staff retreat week was a big family dinner with amazing food, super tasty drinks (marshmallow vodka?  honey whiskey? where have you been all my life?) and more desserts than you've even seen on one kitchen countertop! The girls were a little emotional about their time with the pups winding down so there were many extra puppy cuddles in order.  The highlight of the evening was definitely our sunset walk down to the beach which was absolutely breath-taking. 

Here are the highlights of Day 5.

Meet the Pups...


And Jade

PNW sand is the best!

So, five days in & we could have headed home right then and it would've been the perfect summer trip. The first half of the week involved visits with friends, wild adventures, mountain climbing and confirmation that I have the best job on the planet.  Crazy thing is, this was only the beginning...