Friday, June 22, 2012

CCM Young Actors Camp

It was a pretty easy decision for us when Josie's best friend's mama told us about UC's College-Conservatory of Music Young Actor's Summer Camp.  The girls had so much fun at Theatre Camp with puppets, costumes, face painting, singing, dancing and acting.

Here's Josie from her first day of camp:

And the surprise I got when I picked her up from the Circus-themed day of camp:

These are the images from her big production in the courtyard at the end of the week. She was SO excited! And we were SO proud of her. 

First they sang "Be Our Guest" - complete with moves (scroll to bottom for video). This was the big finish.

Then they did a little play about a runaway circus donkey that meets animals in the woods. Josie and Lucia were the squirrels. Perfect squirrels, aren't they?

 Bea was impressed:

Here the young actors are taking the big bow:

 And finally, the videos! I give you Josie's acting debut:

"Be Our Guest:"

"The Squirrels" (with bestie) in the Runaway Circus Donkey Play: