Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some Christmas Clownin'

Does Christmas bring out the sillies at your house, too? Maybe the camera is just nearby more often this time of year to capture the normal sillies on film. Either way, here it is for the Schneider family log book.  Let it forever be known that there's plenty of clownin' that goes on in these parts.

It's not unusual to find at least one Schneider upside down at any given point.

Bea enjoy spending her free time upside down:

Bea and Louie enjoy cuddling and yelling "Maaaammmaaaaa" just to be silly:

Perhaps it's now obvious why Bea enjoys spending so much time upside down:
 We've been playing this game with Josie since she was Bea's age:
 Tick-tock-tick-tock, I'm a little cuckoo clock:

 It really is a wonderful workout and is sure to produce giggles every time!

It's also pretty common to find the kids in random yoga poses for no real reason throughout the day.

And you never know when someone might set up an obstacle course while you're doing dishes. (Hint: someone = Louie)

Bea hates clothes. Like hates them. This is one example the ended up being pretty hilarious from Christmas in Xenia.  I noticed just how often Bea is naked when she stripped down at Grandma Fifi & Grandpa Bop's house a few days later.  Ha - I guess we hardly notice around here anymore.


And now for the ultimate in clowning around - the man who pretty much invented the whole idea - Mr. Garry Jim Johnson aka "DD."  I only caught the tail end of this on Christmas morning, but we were all laughing hysterically when he came up the stairs and busted this out.  The only thing funnier was when he went upstairs and surprised Josie and Lyla. The screams and giggles were priceless!!