Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ballet & Bliss

This was Josephine's third year at the Cincinnati Ballet Academy - and her first year in Children's Division II. Her ballet teacher is just wonderful, and we really love how they emphasize "real ballet" and not just spinning around & looking like a pretty, pretty princess.  That said, our Josie was quite a beautiful ballerina at this year's performance. She's strong & lovely & we're so proud of her.

We don't have any performance shots, so you'll just have to settle for all the fun after the show.  As you can see, it was a very happy day for all of us. (Thanks to Grandma, DD, Grandma Fifi, Yaya & Andy Pandy for making the trip. Josie is very lucky to have such a large cheering section.)

A well-earned high-five from Daddy

A little friend from little baby days

Super smart DD got Bea her own flower when he saw that Josie had some!

All in all, I love that Josie has all the silly sweetness of a little girl skipping around a lawn like a proud little pixie. But there are also these little moments when I see her being still, growing up, acting big. She's just an amazing, amazing wonderful daughter & we're so lucky to be her family.

While we won't have the DVD of her ballet recital performance for several weeks, here is a practice round in class that includes some pretty sweet cut-aways of Beatrice following along.

Finally, here are a few shots from my phone on recital day.

Josie is the 5th little girl from the teacher on the left (just after the little group of 4 together)