Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The return of summer sunshine

We are finally (I hope) on the other side of what was the rainiest start to summer since I started caring about things like rainy summer starts.

So, cue "Here comes the sun (do, do, do, do)" because "it's alright..."

Early to bed, Early to rise

Long days make for short nights

New friends and the promise of a magical school year

Wildflowers at the Nature Center

New discoveries at Grandma Fifi & Grandpa Bop's House

Get your buns to the Nature Center's Natural Playscape

The pool is even more fun with friends.

We've perfected the art of water ballet.

Surrounded by loveliness this time of year.

Oh these little darlings in the summer sunshine.
Sun, Sun, Sun - Here it Comes. 
(Let's hope it stays.)