Friday, September 23, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE!


YGG was never one of Josie's uber-favorite shows, but we knew she would have a blast at the live event considering it would feature lots of music, lights and silliness. It did not disappoint. That's for sure! 

Me and my girls, on our way in...  

 DJ Josie Rock

 DJ Bea Rock

 Josie during "Hugs Are Fun"

And now for the best part...the videos!!

This is my favorite one, so we will put that one first. That's Josie, in the aisle with the other little rockstar she paired up with for the evening.  Look at them go:

This one is dark, but lightens up. Lou & I were dying during this one. The band "I Fight Dragons" was live on stage and Josie was rocking out! (I think she's ready for her first Phish show...)

Short, but getting the sillies out never disappoints:

Josie & her little friend got picked to go up on the stage with Biz Markie! You have to follow her and her little green dress to see her, because she headed to the back. She was dancing like crazy (with the guy in the red hat on the back left). SO cute. I'm such a bad stage mom. I totally should've told her to stay in the front.

All four Schneiders had a blast. As you can see, Little Bea was in awe of the whole thing.

All told, we are definitely "experiences" people. The tickets really were way more than should be allowed & I wasn't so sure it was a good idea to go. But, we knew as soon as Josie took off into the aisle and Bea let out that big wide-eyed smile that this was going to be worth every penny. And it was!