Monday, June 24, 2013

Mama Morning: Contemporary Arts Center

"Come Follow Me" was our favorite exhibit.
Because I work for a company based in Seattle, we established "West Coast Wednesdays" and they're a total win-win.  On these days, I work from 11:30-7:30pm EST. So, I get the mornings with my girlies and my work peeps get me available later in PST work day.  It works out great.  The girls call them "Mama Mornings." Something about having even a few hours one day a week to really be intentional about planning time for the three of us makes each Wednesday super special. It's a great way to break up the work week for me - and a great way to break up 5 days of childcare for them.  So, when I write the book on "Achieving Work/Life Balance," you can bet that there will be a chapter on "West Coast Wednesdays."

To kick off a summer of Wednesdays, we tried something new on our first week of Josie's summer. (Up til now "Mama Mornings" have largely been spent with Bea at the zoo - her regular pick.) We headed to the Contemporary Art Center downtown. It had been years since we went to the CAC. It was SUPER fun and we can't wait to go back!!

Here are the highlights. We started with a romp through Fountain Square in the early morning. It was blissful. There were lots of conversations that started with "Mama, tell me about when this used to be our backyard."

Then it was time to get our modern art on!

Enthralled with a video about the 'paper airplane' installation behind them

Before we left, we made some of our own masterpieces.

One highlight of our trip was the "screaming room". Good clean fun! **Make sure you hover & click over the top left corner to turn on the audio.**

Now get your buns to the CAC!