Thursday, February 6, 2014

Heat Wave

The weather here continues to be (in Lou's words) "cuckoo banana pants."  We're just recovering today from a pretty bad ice storm (and another day off of school.) And we had this uber-weird heat wave over the weekend that yielded nearly 60 degree temps - and the bove pose by Beatrice in the front yard. In the span of seven days, there was an 80 degree temperature swing!!

On the first "warm" day in the 30s, which felt positively balmy after a long string of days in the negative teens, the girls and I bundled up and hit the backyard for some much-needed fresh air! We had so much fun following animal tracks, making snow balls and trekking through the yard.

The most fun thing about our afternoon was our impromptu decision to swing in the snow. Not sure why the swingset seemed totally off limits until this point, but it was totally fun!

In other news, I found a new app (Waterlogue) that turns any photo into a watercolor painting that produced these two gems -

I just LOVE this one of Josie in the backyard. It really evokes "Peter & The Snowy Day" for me (I think it's the red coat).

After an hour or so, I had to drag them in because it was starting to get dark and cold. But not before we made a quick snow mandala to mark the occasion.