Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sing Ob La Di Bla Da - Hey!

Miss Josephine's second piano recital was over the weekend. We are SOOOO proud of her. Apparently she is not yet of the age when getting up in front of a room full of strangers to play two songs on the piano seems stressful or scary. Apparently she is instead of the age when such an event means nothing but sheer excitement!

We were really really proud of Josie this year because she picked her two hardest and most challenging pieces from the year for her recital. We've been working on encouraging and supporting risk-taking, so her song selections made us so proud!

She played an arrangement of The Beatles "Ob La Di, Ob La Da" that her piano teacher put together for her after she declared it her new favorite song a few months back, as well as a duet of "Alouette" with her teacher. In both cases, those little sticky spots revealed their sticky little heads, but she played on with a smile and we couldn't be more proud of her! Go Josie!

Piano recitals are a big deal, so we made a big deal out of the event. We had a family dinner with Grandma & DD at Buca Di Beppo.

Like I said, Josie was more than just a little excited!

Bea entertained herself with dramatic rescues of Elsa by her buddy Rapunzel. 


DD left us special graffiti to commemorate the occasion. Thanks DD!