Friday, March 2, 2012

'Round the house these days

It has been busy, busy, busy around here. And I have been slacking like crazy on the blog. Here's a little catch-up in the form of random photos over the last month of the chaos that is life as the Four Schneiders these wonderful, silly days. 

Josie is 4 1/2 - through and through. She constantly tests every limit of human capacity and tries daring feats like eating apple sauce with two spoons instead of one.

Bea eats off the floor most days.

Remember what I said about Josie being four.  Yep, this proves it. Lovely.

There's my sweet girl.

And like that we're back to being four.

Bea's favorite past-time is emptying and filling things. Such a fun age!

Josie spends a great deal of time dressing up.

Bea doesn't always cooperate.

Bea's real mission is to crawl or walk over to my leg and look up at me with those big doe eyes and tug on my pants until I pick her up for a cuddle. That second kid perspective reminds me this is fleeting, so I pick her up. Every time.

Josie is just as busy as ever. Creating.  On this day, we made a helicopter (which she loved so much that she cuddled it.)

The helicopter later morphed into a T-Rex that Josie named "Flexy Rexy."

Lou is just as crazy as ever. And this scene happens more often than you can imagine.

Josie and Bea play more and more together. In this case, Josie made a 'cage' for Bea out of toys.

And then a zip-line.

Another day, another adventure with Super Dad and two kid-carriers.

One night we got out the sewing machine. I knew it had been awhile, BUT I was enormously surprised to find I had left off on a project I was working on when I was pregnant...with JOSIE.  Ha, something must've happened in those last 4.5 years that made me too busy to sew. Hmmm....

We made some fun projects and have big plans for some new ones coming up.

Bea's little mind is developing more and more. She's staring to do "real" things that she sees us doing. Here she is using a baby wipe to clean the table. (Thanks Bea!)

She has also perfected "the look" and she's not afraid to use it. I got this one when I tried to get the wipe out of her mouth. (Sorry Bea.)

She's getting SO big - and now has 8 whole chompers.

In other random moments, here is a morning eating breakfast fireside.

And a centerpiece Josie made out of random stuff she found around the house.

More Josie-dress-up silliness.

A sweet moment when Josie helped Lou with some Volvo repairs. What you don't notice here is that Lou is also wearing his Bengals hat. When he invited Josie to help him fix the car, she insisted that their outfits match. 

Overall, life is grand. There are loads of silly times that make me smile. Like Mariah and Josie and Bea all coloring together. 

And Bea's sweet face/
 And wacko hair.