Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quick Quotes

So, it's been awhile since I shared any good Schneider girls "quick quotes" but I have a few for you today! Enjoy!

Josie to me: "Hey mom, Venus (the cat) went into the basement...just FYI."

Josie: "How long will it take those to dry?" (Referring to her panties that fell into the bathtub)
Me: "I'm not sure, but I'll probably just wash them anyway since they fell in the tub."
Josie: "Leave them hanging there to do an experiment. I wonder if they'll still be wet this time tomorrow!"
Me: "You'll be at Grandma & DD's this time tomorrow, but I'll let you know when you get home."
Josie: "Oh it's fine, just take a look tomorrow and then text me."

Josie: (in a conversation about why we refer to her giant pile of stuffed animals as "The Animal Army") "What kind of guns and bombs do they shoot?"
Me:  "Love bombs!"
Josie: "Oh, I get it! So the animal army flies over the world shooting love guns and love bombs through the sky and then all the love falls down into everyone's chimneys!"
Me: "Yep, exactly"
Josie: "And then when the love goes into all the houses...then there are no more people that don't have enough food to eat...and then there are no more people who leave lights on in rooms that they're not using!"

Bea to all of us, all the time: ""  ""  ""  (This is the way she tells us what she wants to eat. Literally, put some cheese in this baby's mouth! It's too funny. And too cute. Especially as she points to the food and then to her mouth.)