Friday, February 1, 2013

Recent days

Josie is now dressing herself and her sister - down to the accessories

It's been pretty weird around here. The weather has fluctuated from the 70s to single digits in the span of a day or two. When things start feeling strange, more strange things seem to happen - like a gazillion birds flocking in strange patterns along the side of the highway.

And a string of epicly gorgeous but oddly beach-like sunrises and sunsets.

But for all the weirdness with the unpredictable weather and scenery, things are pretty normal inside Casa De Schneider.  Good times, good times.

On this particular morning, Josie and Bea both got dressed in black yoga pants and then proudly announced that they were dressed like their mama. (Guilty as charged. Ya know, working full-time from home definitely has its perks!)

Josie is more and more interested in posing for the camera.  On this morning, she wanted me to take a photo of how green her eyes looked in her new, beloved hand-me-down dress. I love how in the first picture she's clearly trying to show me her eyes, which quickly gave way to a classic Josie smile.

Here's the post-bath, TV tune-out. I've started to include essential oils in the girls' bath and they're getting out of the bath very relaxed and ready for bed. (And it's hilarious how much effort goes into choosing the "smell good" of their choice.)

Bea (who is officially in the month before the month when she'll turn TWO) is hilarious in every way. Like, I kid you not, she pulled her tights off and stuck them on her head. Then looks up at me and goes "baby leg hat," then giggles, then goes about her business. All told, she rocked this look for about a half hour.

Waiting for me to be finished drying my hair

Really excited to show Papa her pockets

Josie also continues to amaze us with the (so close to) 5 1/2 year old that she is. She's so creative, and curious, full of joy, and fun to be around.  Here are a couple of recent masterpieces that she brought home from art class at school.

Paper Lantern:

Recycled Paper Mask:

Our nightly routine these days involves Lou reading books to Beatrice and putting her to bed, while I read books with Josie then we turn off the lights and talk until she falls asleep in our bed. Then we move her over to her room when we go to bed.  Lou's been putting Bea to bed since she weaned a couple of months ago, and bedtime is such special time that we each get individually with the girls. Soon we'll work on getting them to actually fall asleep in the same room, but for now that's not realistic (or desired by any party to be honest).

 99.9% of the time, these girls play very well together. The biggest problem continues to be when the fight over the one thing they both prize This particular issue tonight was generated by a fight over Louie's lap. Sweet Bea dropped a "my papa lap" to Josie and then went and hid behind the playroom door and literally pouted (in the cutest, sweetest little way).

They have increasingly been conspiring more as sisters. Tonight they worked together to fill Bea's crib with books, with Bea saying "Yeah, More" to Josie then turning to me and going "Uh Oh, Book." Silly girls.

Here are a few more shots of recent, favorite meals. The girls really are adventurous eaters. If Josie had her way, she'd eat Indian food every day. However, there's a good chance that these Japanese noodles we made might have bumped Saag Paneer down to second place in her book. She even asked us to pack the leftovers in her lunch the next day for school. 
 Four Schneiders faves:

 A sushi lunch this week with Lou:

And, because they make me smile due to the memories they evoke:

How agro does that giraffe look? 

Some pics from the brunch we hosted for our buddies - 

All told, life is good. Busy, crazy, amazing, and good.