Thursday, August 15, 2013

First days & Last days

Today was the BIG day. The 1st Day of 1st Grade.

To be exact, it was the first day of a new three-year cycle at Josephine's montessori school. A new classroom for the first time in three years. A new teacher for the first time in new years. A whole new floor of the building.  Lots of first that we all couldn't be more excited about.

So, here's Josie with her big kid backpack and shoes that she easily ties herself now and outfit she picked out on her own right down to the accessories and her turkey, gouda and lettuce sandwich with a giant whole carrot on the side. And a little reminder that even in the ongoing sprint to the land of grown-ups, she's still our sweet, silly, happy little Josie-Posie.

And, you won't believe this. I never posted the annual first day/last day pic from last year's kindergarten. Drum roll please.

Hard to believe this time last year we still lived in East Walnut Hills and her first day of school last year was in front of our "Peace Tree."

Here are a couple extra photos from her last day of kindergarten and last day of her three-year pre-primary three year montessori cycle. Totally fun that she was even able to wear the same dress (but most definitely not the same shoes)!

And, just for fun, take a glimpse back into the transformation during her first year of school and the transformation during her second year.