Thursday, June 30, 2016

Those Days, June

June is mostly spent WET! We love our pool so so much, because it means long, lazy days in the sunshine with our closest friends. It also means SWIM TEAM. It's so much fun to be a Clinton Hills Dolphin. This year even more friends joined the team and BEATRICE OFFICIALLY BECAME A DOLPHIN, which meant even more fun! June was a hot one this year, but no day was hotter than DD's Retirement Party. It was 10 billion degrees, but that didn't stop us from giving my Daddy-O the celebration he spent several decades busting his buns to earn. It was a great day of food and friends and a great night of music and dancing. Here are the June highlights. (And lowlights - namely, Tiki's major no bueno shave job.)


Biz trip to share Smart Parents at the National Charter School conference & first time in Nashville.