Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby Bea's First "Quick Quote"

Those of you who have been here for awhile are familiar with the little "Quick Quote" series I started with Josie years ago in an attempt to capture those little gems that come out of the mouths of babes.  Well, sweet Bea had her first couple of quick quotes.  She's experimenting with more and more words, so I expect that the verbal flood gates are about to open.

A little context: Josie loves The Fresh Beat Band. Bea loves music, so Bea loves The Fresh Beat Band. It's the only show they both enjoy equally. Bea is so enamored with the show that it inspired her first quick quote. When the tell-tale starting notes of the closing theme music came on, Bea pointed to the TV, looked at me and said "UH-OH!"  

(She has since done this several times, saying Uh-Oh whenever her favorite songs end. Uh-oh is a pretty frequent phrase all around - like the classic baby game of throwing stuff on the ground then looking up innocently to say Uh-Oh like it was all just a huge accident.)

Bea's second quick quote came when we were on the swings the other day in the backyard. Bea is now big enough to stand on the 2-person "viking ship" with Josie if you hold on to her.  We were very impressed by Bea's big-girl-ness and kept saying "Wow Bea".  Well, that's all it took. "WOW!" is a new favorite word. She says "WOW" when she swings, slides, etc.  Sweet sweet girl.