Friday, June 20, 2014

Montessori Moments

School's only been out for a couple of weeks & I realized there were quite a few untold stories from the school year that deserved a little blog love.

We continue to be impressed by the diverse learning opportunities at Josephine's montessori school. I taught 2nd grade for five years in a traditional public school, so as she moved through 1st grade in a montessori classroom, I am repeatedly WOWED by what kids in montessori schools are empowered to accomplish.

Here are some of this year's experiences.

1. The South America unit culminated in a class play, musical performance, Peruvian dance and individual research projects and presentations.  We were all amazed by the high-quality reports and confidence with which these little people delivered their presentations to a hallway overflowing with adults.  Here are the highlights!

Josie's two animals to research and report on were the green iguana and the capybara.

Here's her little partner in green iguana expertise.

Josie is always so excited with Bea is at school - and leads her around by the hand showing her what will be her school too next year.

The big bow at the end of the song!

A South American feast!

Here's the video of the dance.

2. The other really exciting thing at school was Josie's first "three minute talk." The three minute talk is a time-honored tradition in montessori. The kids research and present a lesson to the whole class of 1st-2nd-3rd graders. Josie decided to do a sewing demonstration. The whole family was invited to her talk and we were so impressed and proud of her confidence and comfort talking to a room full of kids and adults - for all 12 minutes. She spent a week getting ready. This says "Work in Progress. Please do not disturb."

Here she is during her talk.

3. Josie had the very cool opportunity recently to follow in her mama's footsteps and be the first Student Blogger for the Smart Student contest our company is running. Check out the link to her post "I Show What I Know."

In other super exciting news...look who had their Montessori Interview recently...One little Beatrice Schneider. We are all SOOO excited that she will begin her montessori journey in the fall and even more thrilled that she'll have this very special woman as her teacher.