Friday, December 23, 2011

Sunny Solstice at the Playscape

This Winter Solstice was quite a departure from the typical first day of winter in Cincinnati. It was sunny, over 60 degrees and absolutely lovely.

We had a wonderful time celebrating the "official" coming of winter with friends from school at the very cool, add-it-to-your-to-do-list-immediately Nature Playscape at the Cincinnati Nature Center.   

What's a playscape, you ask?  Almost 2 acres of "intentionally designed to provide children with opportunities for unstructured play in a resilient version of local natural habitats. Native plants, fallen logs, boulders, rocks, water and soil create forest and field habitats for children to explore. CNC’s Nature PlayScape contains very few man-made structures, (swings, slides, etc) and strives to re-create the kind of childhood experience many parents and grandparents had in nature when they were young."   

Put simply, a playscape is AWESOME!  It's the yard we all wish we had. And it is a blast to explore (even in the winter).  

On this day there were the typical natural structures to manipulate and explore with the added bonus of lots of muddy puddles. We can't wait to get back to the playscape and play some more!  

Here are some photos of Josie and her friends. We love this crew!

Josie & Lucia discuss sight words on a rock. LOL!

Happy Winter Everyone!