Thursday, January 24, 2013

Quick Quotes

Just a couple little quick quotes, and things I need to log here so I don't ever forget them:

A few weeks ago, Beatrice had this HUGE burst in language development. It was right after Christmas and loads of extra time together and with cousins, so we're thinking that had something to do with it. All the sudden, she went from these broken little syllables (that we totally understood but others couldn't) to these very deliberate attempts to communicate in full thoughts.  One particular day, I was working away in my office and she pushes open my door and then just stands there (as if to take a deep breath and concentrate), makes eye contact and says (slowly and with clear intention): "Hi Mommmmmeeeeee."  It's a hard moment to capture here on the blog, but it was a really magical little developmental leap to witness.


If you've spent much time with the girls, you know Bea runs around calling Josie "JoJo" all the time.  It was the little moniker she chose for her big sister and it totally stuck.  One recent evening, Bea was running around the kitchen saying "Cho-Chooey" over and over, then giggling like crazy. She was cracking herself up, so we were all laughing too,  but we could not figure out what on earth she was saying.  Finally, she points at Josie and goes: "Chooey."  And with that, Josie just about exploded with joy and now demands that Bea show her new "trick" to everyone she meets. (Which reminds me, I need to get those little darlings on video for you all soon.)


So I realize these are both Beatrice quotes, but nothing is springing to mind as recent direct quotes for Miss Josephine, which is odd because she frequently cracks us up with her precocious comments, deep insights and well-beyond-her-years vocabulary.  (I'll be on a personal mission to capture a Josie gem soon.)