Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter in Xtown

We headed up on Sunday to spend Easter with Grandma & DD. It was a beautiful day jam-packed with one bit of fun after the other: egg-dyeing, candy-munching, bubble-blowing, ham-eating, drum-playing, jeep-riding, dog-cuddling, car-swinging goodness.

Here are some of the highlights.  (The whole jam session silliness will get a post all its own soon.)

Bea loves Bella (and her hand-me-down dress from Lylabird):

Josie takes Bea on her first ride in the Barbie Jeep that DD found last year at a garage sale (Score!)

A butterfly lands on Grandma (which for us means good luck, which was just what I felt we needed with Bea in that Jeep and Josie at the wheel);

Sweet, Sweet Josie wraps her arm around her little sister (and sometimes forgets to watch the road):

Off the go:
What a gorgeous day:

A little jump rope break in the parking lot:

Bea looks longingly at the empty Jeep:

And thinks she should take it for a spin. She can't reach the pedals, but thinks she's driving.

And then thanks to DD, really thinks she's driving.
Gooo Bea!

Then Josie gets the bright idea to be the "gas-pusher" while Bea steers. And they're off!

There are lots of other fun activities throughout the day. Bea swings in the carswing that they bought Josie 4 years ago.

Grandma & Josie dyed eggs:

Which Josie took as very serious work:

DD took Bea on a tour of the yard. This girl is always, always on the move:

More dipping:
And walking:

Bea loves Bella:

Josie loves Bella. And Bella loves them both - especially Josie who filled Easter Eggs with dog treats so Bella could have some Easter fun of her own.

Grandma's turn to tour with Bea:

Mama's dogwood tree brings back memories of dozens of springs on the back deck:

And new springtime memories under the dogwood:

Let the great Easter Egg hunt of 2012 begin!

After some blue candy (can you see her lips?):

And some more swinging:

Josie stops & starts her and earns one of Bea's famous looks:

"Don't worry Bea; I won't push you too high..."

And we are back to wind-through-the-hair, swing-induced bliss:

And now for the eggs:

(Perfumed by the smell of Grandma's lilacs floating through the yard)

Bea finds her first egg:

And knows just what to do with it:

More eggs:

More catapulting them into the basket with the velocity of Major-League pitcher:

All told, quite the Easter at Grandma & DD's - even if we didn't make it home til 10pm. Hey Grandma & DD - please be sure to pass on our big big thanks to the Easter Bunny! xo