Sunday, January 23, 2011

Single Digit Sledding

Yesterday, despite having a fever in the morning and complaining of her ears aching, Josie *insisted* that her daddy take her sledding. They played in the front yard for about a half an hour. I heard them coming inside and was so relieved because it was only 7 degrees outside. Oh - silly me. They were actually just coming in to get some sunglasses to help with the glare and make their way through the house and out the backdoor to the car so they could go sledding at the park near our house. Braving those temps was worth it. It's pretty obvious here that they had the time of their lives!
(And I still have no idea how Lou managed to sled and film this video all bundled up as well as he did!)

And - for what it's worth - we've spent a lot of time at Owl's Nest Park since we moved to this neighborhood. This particular hill is right by the little swings.  I can actually remember pushing Josie on the swing and thinking, too bad that hill is so steep and heads straight for the trees, otherwise it would be a pretty good sledding hill.  Suffice it to say, if Mama Schneider would've been with these two at Owl's Nest, ain't no way my baby girl would've headed down this hill.  Good thing her daddy is a little more daring!  And Josephine was beyond proud of herself!