Thursday, May 16, 2013

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

It's no secret that we love the Cincinnati Zoo. The combination of Spring + the fact that I work on Pacific Time on "West Coast Wednesdays" means that Bea and I have found ourselves at the zoo quite a bit over the past few weeks.  Because we live so close to the zoo, we've also been known just to pop in there as a family of four as we're driving back just to go for a quick train ride, to grab a veggie burger, or to see our favorite - the giraffes.  Here's a collection of zoo photos from several trips over the last few weeks.  Enjoy (then get your buns to the zoo)!

Here are a couple of short vines. We learned a thing or two about peacock mating. Poor guys get interested in all kinds of spring activities since there are no female peahens at the zoo.

Here's sweet Bea with the goats. Pretty sure our kids would drop everything and move to a full farm in a hot second.

A Fairy Garden in Formation

When we found our home about 9 months ago, I was immediately challenged & inspired by this dry, cracked stretch of backyard earth under the bay window adjacent to the backyard patio that was begging for us to love it.  Way back been when the Harrison family shared their sweet fairy garden with us when they still lived in the Buckeye state, I vowed to one day create our own enchanted fairy hang-out. This was the perfect spot! We started collecting items last year and this spring it was one of our first outdoor projects. It's something we will continue to add to and interact with for years to come. It's off to a great start!


DURING: (Josie sourcing materials to construct fairy furniture from the backyard)


Here's a quick vine of the fairy garden more recently, now that we've added some more furniture and some of the plants have started to grow.