Friday, August 12, 2011

Second sunflower

...and it is a big one!
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Need to work on that poker face

Josie was totally into this dino at Kings Island. She wanted to climb on it, and when I told her she couldn't because it moved this is the look I got.
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Captain Bones

Here is Josie's latest artwork to appear on my desk. She named him "CAPTAIN BONES, PIRATE OF THE MONSTERS!" Arrrrrr!
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Birthday Love

We just got the sweetest most special video for Josie's big 4th birthday. I just showed it to her (since we spent the WHOLE day yesterday at Kings Island for her birthday). And she seriously thought this video was the best thing ever.  And Lyla - Josie smooched the computer back which put a tear in her mama's eye. And she totally talked back to the screen: "Hi Jacky! Hi Tio!"  and "I can see you Tia!"  Thank you guys for putting together this sweet video.  I have a feeling we'll be watching it a lot. ;)